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Jan 30

Does Air Duct Cleaning Help Your Indoor Air Quality?

As a homeowner, you should understand how important it is to maintain perfect air quality. If the quality of your home’s air diminishes, you will experience an abundance of problems, including increased allergies and even asthma. The bad news is that this is generally a problem that you will not be able to fix on …

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Dec 04

Home Sick: Are Things in the Home Keeping You Under the Weather?

Your home is meant to be a place of comfort; somewhere you can go to feel safe and protected. But this isn’t always the case; your home—or rather, things inside your home—can actually be making you and your family sick.   The Prevalence of Danger in Your Home The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department …

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Sep 21

Guest Post: Eco-Friendly Ways to Stave Off Allergy Symptoms

Anyone who has allergies (more than half the population) knows that it isn’t much fun to deal with the symptoms. But since the major treatments are all manufactured pharmaceuticals, those who would rather stick to their green guns may find themselves up a creek (sans paddle). Because of the waste, pollution, and general environmental contamination …

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