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Jul 11

Aloe Vera: Nature’s Miracle for Beauty

Aloe Vera is nature’s gifts to man, widely known for its unique properties which have made it a gem for skin and health care. Read on to find out why you should incorporate Aloe Vera gel into your beauty regimen. Great for sunburn Aloe Vera gel is a wonderful remedy for sunburned skin due to …

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Jun 14

3 Green Remedies For The Best Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is a recurring disorder which begins deep inside the immune system, before it surfaces as red, flaky patches on the skin. It is caused by the T-cells which are originally a type of white blood cell meant to protect the body from infection and disease. But, when they mistakenly become active, they set off …

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Dec 11

5 Low Maintenance Plants For Your Office

Plants are like pets; they come with different personalities. The jungle floor is the source for many houseplants. Slow-growing, shade-loving and used to steady temperatures, low-lying jungle flora thrive in offices. Other environments also produce plants, often taller and thinner, that are happy to live indoors. Here are five low maintenance plants for your office. …

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Dec 04

Guest Post: Choosing the Best Treatment for Angular Cheilitis

Angular cheilitis is one of the common diseases that affect both men and women of all ages. It refers to the “chapping” or drying of the skin in the mouth’s corners. It is also called cheilosis or perleche. In worse cases, this condition may lead to cracking and splitting of the lips which is extremely …

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Aug 24

The Best Plants for Your College Dorm

College life is a blast, but living quarters can often be a little too spartan. There are few better ways to add a little dash of life to a college dorm or apartment than by way of a wonderful, friendly plant. Not to mention, the responsibility of caring for a living thing on a regular …

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