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Nov 13

Greening Business Security In Five Easy Steps

If there is one thing a business must have today, it’s a top of the line security system. Online hackers mean customer and company data is at risk. Sadly, a single breach can be enough to erode trust in the brand and bring a firm to its knees. So, investing in high-quality security features is …

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Sep 30

Common Ways to Bring Green Tech Into Your Day to Day Life

What exactly is green technology? You probably think of things like the solar or geothermal energy products, LED lights and monitors, or even electric and hybrid vehicles. But green technology encompasses more than just the big items. It’s a loose term than can be applied to any sustainable product or service that helps the environment …

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Apr 04

The Best Health Apps on the Market

Android and Apple iOS devices have penetrated the market. Nielsen has reported that, as of July 2012, two-thirds of all mobile phones sold were smartphones. Today, there are over 165 million active devices in the United States. With all of the devices out there, there’s little doubt that you have one in your hands or …

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Jan 18

Greener Travel With Five Helpful Apps

Environmentally friendly travel is fun, smart and convenient with these five apps: 1. Kanetix Travel App This one is particularly helpful because it has a way to compare travel insurance quotes and buy travel insurance. This app also has a weather check for your destination, a travel checklist and destination attractions. You can shake your …

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Jul 31

Apps to Help Your Business Go Green

When it comes to the apps that are available to us, there are a myriad of things that they can do. This is great news for people who are making conscious strides and concerted efforts to make their businesses more “green” because there are actually many apps that cater specifically to the eco-friendly platform. If …

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Jul 24

Top 10 Mobile Apps to Help You Go (and Stay) Green

Going green and staying green can be a challenge for anyone, especially in the world we live in now. Who has the time to make sure everything in the house is running smoothly (or not running at all) or find the most fuel efficient routes to work and back? We all do now, as there …

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Jun 03

Going Green with iPhone Apps

As going green has become all the rage in mainstream America (and thankfully so) it is no surprise that iPhone apps have started to pop up that are geared to aid in the green movement. While not all of the green apps out there are as useful as one would hope, there are a few …

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