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Apr 23

Australia’s Attitude Towards Recycling: Facts and Statistics

Image Credit: Pixabay   The Australian recycling sector plays an integral role in the Australian economy and society. For Australia to achieve the full potential of the resources and maximize the full value of materials, a robust and essential recycling system is essential. The sector is even more critical to the success of the Australian …

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Mar 30

5 Components of Urban Regeneration

In many of the world’s most populated cities, the collapse of industrial and manufacturing industries has left areas riddled with inadequate housing, unemployment, and few prospects for prosperity. Urban regeneration is the campaign to reverse that decline by improving both the physical landscape of an area and its economy. Redeveloping an area that is suffering …

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Nov 03

Eco-Friendly Islands That You Must Visit In Your Lifetime

The concept of “Living Green” or “Green Living” can be very overwhelming to some of us. There are many people who feel weak in their knees the moment someone discusses about sustainable living. However, in reality, coming to think of it, living green doesn’t require you to have a degree in environmentalism or organic farming. …

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Feb 04

Infographic: Top 10 Solar Power Countries

This infographic will show us the top countries in the world using solar power measured in gigawatts. There may be some surprises in the results. Germany is the top country followed by China, Italy, Japan, the United States, Spain, France, Australia, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Source:

Jan 27

The 10 Best Places on Earth to Swim With Sharks

Many people create lists of things they want to do in life and for many adventurous types, one of those things is swimming with sharks. In this article we will provide a run-down of the best ten places on earth to swim with sharks.   1) Bimini Island, Bahamas The Bimini Island has been the home …

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Jan 16

5 Things We Can Learn From Australia

There are a few things we can learn from our distant neighbors in Australia. United States can learn a few things from the Aussies, it seems they are taking ‘Going Green’ into their own hands. Here are a few things that are Australia is doing to help our environment: Eco-Tourism: It is a way of …

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