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Oct 14

How to Have a Green Halloween

No, in order to have a green Halloween doesn’t mean you have to dress up to look like Al Gore or a tree hugger. That would just be a little weird. You and whatever you dress up as can be green at the same time. Below are ways to have a safe night and also give a treat to …

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Sep 24

10 Steps to a Beautiful Fall Garden

By Peter Walsh for Home Rehab Online Now that fall has arrived, you might be tempted to put away your garden tools and head inside until spring. But if you do, you’ll be missing out on the wonders of the fall garden. Cooler weather coupled with increased rainfall actually reinvigorates plants and trees in your …

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Nov 01

Green Autumn Activities for the Family

Autumn generally brings about cold weather, dark nights and plenty of fallen leaves. It can be a time when you use a lot of energy in your home in a bid to keep warm and it’s less likely for your children to be playing outside. This means they may turn to the television, games consoles …

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