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Aug 16

Bathroom Water Saving Devices

Water saving devices are becoming more popular for good reason.  When it comes to water, we’re quickly realizing that it’s not the unlimited resource that we often treat it as.  Some cities have many restrictions to limit a family’s use of water, meaning that a household often has to be more creative about getting any …

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Jul 19

5 Ways to Go Green in The Bathroom Without Remodeling

One of the areas in a home that wastes the most resources is the bathroom. Just think about all the paper and water that gets wasted there. That’s why the bathroom is one of the best places to start following eco-friendly practices. And you don’t even need to remodel to go green. Here are five …

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Dec 23

How to Go Green with your Very Own Home-Made Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Having had the warmest Christmas in living memory, you may now be wondering about when it’s best to start spring cleaning your home. While it may be a little early to start cleaning in earnest, cleaning your home little by little now will save you a massive job come March. If you’re looking to get …

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Mar 06

6 Tips for Going Green When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Remodeling gives you an opportunity to turn your bathroom into an eco-friendly oasis. Go for the green options from start to finish with the help of the following tips. #1: Go With the Flow Choosing low-flow, water-wise fixtures is the single most environmentally sound bathroom choice you can make – and it can save you …

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Sep 16

Environmentally-Friendly Surrounds for Your Shower and Tub

Everyday rituals may make our lives predictable, yet they somehow give us a comfortable rhythm. Hence, it can be said that they can be boring to do at times. Good thing, however, that there are so many ways to make these rituals fun and special. Showering and bathing, for example, can be made special by …

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May 13

Discover How to Update Your Bathroom in an Instant

It’s not always possible to give the bathroom a full renovation makeover but that doesn’t mean you can’t update it until demolition day comes around. With a few simple changes your bathroom can be given a lift instantly. Try the following design options to create a fresh new look you can enjoy every day. Replace …

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Apr 01

A Visual Guide: How to Practically Reduce Your Home’s Energy Use

You spend a lot of time in the family room, so it should be comfortable. This is common sense. If this is where you go to unwind, suffering through an uncomfortable temperature and sitting in the dark with no TV on just isn’t going to cut it. Did you know that a ceiling fan uses …

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Feb 22

Green Bathroom Remodeling: Making A Difference To The Environment

Some efforts and love for the environment have compelled people to implement some cutting-edge ways to go green. They are choosing    lifestyles that allow them to live a more natural life. One such way is giving a green makeover to houses. Going green with the house is the best eco-friendly practice one can ever follow …

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Feb 20

Customising Your Home Without Damaging the Planet

We all need or will want to make modifications to customise our homes at some point in our lives. With the building industry ever booming, it is important to remember the planet and figure out not only the most cost effective way to make these adjustments, but also the greenest way. Although we need to …

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Jan 24

Going to the Bathroom to Go Green

  With eco-friendly homes growing in popularity, there is often one room that gets overlooked; the bathroom. Although the kitchen uses the most electricity, the bathroom also needs to be considered to make your home green and eco-friendly. We offer some green tips for your bathroom to keep your home green and environmentally friendly. If …

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Nov 28

Eco Friendly Remodeling: 5 Ways to Greenify Your Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling is an exciting way to change up a part of your home that you interact with on a daily basis. We hop in the shower every morning (at least we should), we brush our teeth twice a day, and there are plenty of other reasons that bring us in and out of the …

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Nov 27

Top 5 Eco Friendly Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Bathroom cleanliness is an important part of owning any home or business, and whether the building you’re in charge of is the place where you eat and sleep, or where a ton of other people come to do those things, you’ve got to make sure the lavatory is kept clean and presentable. Lots of solutions …

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