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Jan 26

Energy Storage Systems Revitalize the Renewable Movement

Energy storage has been a fundamental part of the power grid since it was invented. It allows us to keep our power on when demand is greater than supply, and helps to moderate issues like power surges and storms. It only makes sense that these storage systems would have to be part of our power …

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Dec 30

Sustainable Travel – Try a Solar Powered Travel Trailer

What is it about a travel trailer that makes it attractive to so many people? How else can you soak in the nation’s best sights while enjoying the comforts of home on a budget? Let’s be honest, flying sucks. I mean, it’s not what it used to be. Waiting in long TSA lines, taking your …

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Sep 07

Think Before You Send Your Trash for Recycling

Regaining Your Footprint As more and more cities and towns have begun recycling programs, we are trying to undo the years of toss and throw. More than 75% of all cities and towns have some sort of recycling program underway but the difference in what is a recyclable and non-recyclable change from city to city. …

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Jan 27

Why it Pays to Spend More on the Right Battery

Getting a gift that runs out of battery power too quickly is something nobody wants to experience. Buying the right battery for a gift being given, or especially for a child’s toy, shows that the gift giver is going the extra mile to make sure the receiver gets the most out of their gift. A …

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Jul 21

Precycling 101: Proactive Recycling

Precycling is the process of thinking things through before buying something. Before buying a product ask yourself, “When I am finished with this product what will happen?” Will it go off to a landfill, am I going to recycle it, will I be able to reuse it somehow or am I going to donate it …

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May 16

Smart Electric Cars to Debut in U.S.

Now that city drivers are familiar with the sight of compact, cute Smart cars zipping around, Smart Electric is debuting in the USA. Electric Smart cars were always planned, and they have been successfully driving around in Europe for a little while now. It makes sense to bring electric Smarts to the States. May is …

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Apr 30

10 Things to Do Now for Greener Tomorrow

Everybody can name steps the world should take to ensure a Greener future and within minutes on the computer find ways that are the equivalent of taking 30 million cars off the road and shutting down 150 coal power plants etc. etc. So why are we talking about it instead of doing? I believe a …

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Oct 15

Going Green with the Electronics at Home

These days’ electronics are used as toys and tools to play, communicate and work. With new generations, by getting smaller in size they are becoming the bigger part of our lives thus going green is no more an option but a necessity in order to preserve our environment. It might be giving you a flashback …

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May 25

How Long Will Your Electric Car Battery Last?

The immersion of the electric-engine vehicle into mainstream society has been a major boon to both the state of the environment and the state of many personal budgets. Although fully electric cars do tend to be a bit pricier than their petroleum-powered counterparts initially, most are eligible for government incentives (tax rebates, generally) and all …

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Apr 11

Best Green Purchases for the Workplace

Spring is upon us. This means that if there was ever a time to be thinking about “going green”, this is probably the time to do it. Trees are getting their leaves back (green) and flowers are blooming (green stems); it’s definitely like the universe is syncing up and encouraging us to become more eco-friendly. …

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Jan 03

5 Speedy Ways to Start Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint

decreasing your carbon footprint

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, chances are the environmental lover inside of you wants to be greener, but you don’t have the time or the money to build a 1,584 square foot green home like Ed Begley, Jr. Luckily, there’s still plenty you can do to start decreasing your carbon footprint. Here …

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Nov 28

Recycling Tips for Your Office

Recycling is an excellent first step on the way to greening your business. The best way to accomplish this is by getting your office staff to buy into the idea by making them want to be part of the solution. This includes education regarding recycling and seeking their input on how to go about it …

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