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Oct 19

Opting To Make Your Affordable Solar Installation

The rate of electricity consumption has gone up in almost every part of the world. Increased demand for electricity has had a domino effect. It has led to increased consumption, leading to higher energy bills for households. Affordable solar installations have emerged as a viable solution to bring those spiraling energy bills down. Ever since …

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Jan 27

Why it Pays to Spend More on the Right Battery

Getting a gift that runs out of battery power too quickly is something nobody wants to experience. Buying the right battery for a gift being given, or especially for a child’s toy, shows that the gift giver is going the extra mile to make sure the receiver gets the most out of their gift. A …

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Jul 24

Eminent Questions To Answer Before Choosing The Reliable Quotes For ECO Cars

While planning to focus towards electric cars, it means that you will land up with some money saving opportunities. These vehicles are exempt from the tax along with congestion charges. On top of all these saving options, you can also get in hold of the cheaper versions of car insurance. The cover cost is solely …

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Feb 24

Tesla: Current Success and Future Strategies

Tesla Motors have been working on several ideas for reducing charging times for their vehicles for a while now. That’s why Tesla has introduced its Supercharging stations, which allow Model S owners to charge their cars’ batteries halfway in just 30 minutes. But, this is still far from perfect, and waiting 30 minutes to recharge …

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Feb 05

5 Ways to Make Workplace Computers More Eco-Friendly

If you’re someone who is passionate about energy efficiency, then we’re pretty sure that you’re constantly on the hunt for ways to make your home and your workplace more eco-friendly. Well, when it comes to your office space, while it can definitely help to do things like use more natural lighting and have your appliances …

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Mar 07

Preventing Breakdowns Essential Vehicle Maintenance

  If you have breakdown coverage on your vehicle, the thought of your car malfunctioning may not bring you much stress. No matter what type of coverage you have, preventing breakdowns in the first place is always the best idea. If you own a vehicle, you should understand proper maintenance practices. Here are five basic …

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Feb 11

3 Have To Know Things About Buying a Green Car

Whether it’s because they want to help the environment or simply stop spending a third of their paycheck on gasoline for their car, these days, many people are making the switch to a green Eco-friendly car. However, just like everything else in the world, no green car is perfect. Here are three things you must …

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