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Oct 20

Turn Your Home Into An Eco Paradise

Living in an age where technology and electric is part of our everyday lives; it can be very difficult to cut the costs of our bills and live in a more green manner, looking after the environment in our own homes. Luckily there are ways to change your home to make it more eco and …

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Jan 15

Organic Bamboo Sheets – What Makes It The Shopper’s Choice?

A bed sheet that redefined the levels of luxurious sleeping… Organic bamboo sheet is a perfect example of luxury and comfort. Bamboo bedding provides the user a feel of extravagance and the suppleness that beats the softness of the finest Egyptian cotton. Being natural helps an organic bed linen to be the top scorer among …

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Nov 27

The Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gift Options

When it comes to being a guest at a wedding, perhaps one of the greatest challenges is coming up with the right kind of present; one that both the bride and groom will enjoy for months and years to come—something that is super-romantic without being super corny; something that is timeless rather than trendy; something …

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Nov 20

Health Benefits of Natural or Organic Bedding in Your Home

We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. A third! Do you really want to spend that much time lying on a mattress that’s been treated with chemicals that could harm you? Or covering yourself with a synthetic blanket made from non-renewable resources? The manufacturers who originally created synthetic bedding had the best of intentions, …

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May 24

Create a Green Dorm Room, for Cheap

dorm room

Generally, when one thinks of converting their living space into an eco-friendly sanctuary, they think of solar paneling and installing energy efficient control and cooling systems. While those costly modifications are ideal for an established home owner, what can a broke college student who is forced to live in a tiny dorm room for the …

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Mar 10

My Bed Is Green!

bed fire

Pick the typical bed and you’ll find it to be covered in lots of cotton and feathers. So, a good place to begin examining the environmental impact of your bed is to understand these two materials. But let’s take a look at all parts of the bed. Sheets Most sheets are made of cotton and …

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