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Jan 25

5 Most Incredible Electric Bicycle Tours

With electric bicycles rising in popularity every day, more and more people are picking them up. They are very environment friendly and also offer efficiency. Some of those people had the inspiration and courage to go on some of the longest expeditions by electric bike in the world. Today we’re taking a look at the …

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Sep 02

10 Top Reasons to Use a Bike for Transportation

There are all sorts of brilliant reasons why you should consider making a bicycle your number one mode of transport, here are just ten of them: 1. Environment Throughout the manufacture and lifetime of every type of automotive vehicle, carbon emissions that pollute the air, harming ourselves and the environment are generated. By switching some …

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Dec 06

Going Green with Scooters

muenster-going green with scooters

We often harp on about how convenient scooters are, how much cheaper they are that motor cars, how parking is a breeze and traffic just an ensemble of 7 letters with no practical meaning for scooter riders. These are of course the most immediate and obvious attractions for scooter riders. There is however another angle …

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May 09

The Great Benefits of Cycling


  If you have watched the Ways 2 Go Green video on the home page, it is reminder enough of the reasons that we do need to change how we work in this world, including the way we transport ourselves from one place to another. It shows that gas prices are soaring and the US …

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