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Oct 19

Bicycles Can Save the Environment—a Buying Guide for Beginners

Environmentalists pushed the use of bicycles compared to other modes of transportation because it do not produce air pollution and harmful emissions, unlike motor vehicles that are responsible for 30 percent of carbon dioxide emissions and 80 percent of carbon monoxide emissions. A bicycle can be an affordable outlet for recreation and a stress-free approach …

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Jun 05

Big and Small: 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

When it comes to recycling, most of us think the same thing: paper, aluminum and plastic. Much of the nation uses recycling bins provided by their refuse company, making it easy to recycle common household items. It’s time to think beyond soda cans; there are things that can be recycled that you may never have …

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Oct 23

Electric Compact Bike by Mando Converts Pedaling to Electricity

There are a lot of reasons why someone turns their attention towards caring for and preserving the environment. Some people have directly experienced how the requirements of an exploding population and the modern, technology-focused world have drained our planet, causing illness, hunger and poverty. Others are extremely concerned about climate change, and watch the shrinking …

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