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Jan 05

Teaching Children About the Importance of Recycling

All parents would say they want to leave a better place for their children. While it may feel like we don’t have control what happens to the environment, one of the best ways to do your bit towards a healthy planet in the future is to teach the little ones the importance of recycling. This …

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Jul 28

Creating a Greener Business – Is It Possible?

Considering a global survey identified 53% of consumers prefer to purchase products or services from companies with a strong dedication towards environmental issues, it is clear the ideology of sustainability being ineffective cost-wise is a misconception. Realistically, reusing even the simplest of equipment and supplies can provide any business, small or large, with the environmental …

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Dec 23

Green Resolutions for 2016

Get 2016 off to a good start by setting yourself some green resolutions. Whether you are a seasoned eco living expert or you are just getting started, setting some resolutions can be useful. They can help keep you motivated to do your bit and enable you to achieve your green living goals in 2016. Here are some great …

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Feb 25

5 Easy Eco Fixes for a Greener Home

Even if the average adult doesn’t have a lot of time to spare in contemplation of the plight of our planet, including the rampant waste and pollution that could be hastening our end, most homeowners are delighted to hear about strategies that could help them to save money on their monthly bills. And if you …

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Dec 09

6 Ways To Ensure Your Business Stays Eco-Friendly

Sustaining a level of Eco-friendliness is beneficial to your business in a variety of ways. Whether you want to do more about protecting the environment, want to save money on overhead costs or both, there are ways you can make sure that this level of sustainability is possible. What are some implementations you can enact …

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Jul 25

10 Easy Steps to Green Your Office

Headline grabbing environmental initiatives announced by multi-nationals may make those running a smaller business think being green will necessitate bold and expensive steps. However, being environmentally friendly is within everyone’s reach. In fact, these practical steps from Rob Fenn at the British Assessment Bureau can help even the smallest business save thousands! Step #1 – …

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