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Oct 27

Are Eco-Friendly Cars Safer?

Eco-friendly vehicles are vehicles that pose less harm to the environment than comparable vehicles running on gasoline or diesel. In some nations, the term “eco-friendly” is used to identify any vehicle that complies with or surpasses the tough European emissions standards. In the United States, an “eco-friendly” car usually means an electric car or a …

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Dec 05

How to Make and Use Biodiesel

With the general population recently scrambling to find a healthier, more efficient, and even more convenient form of fuel than gasoline, many have begun to realize the vast benefits of biodiesel. But while it may be a rising alternative to power the world, few actually understand what it is and how exactly it can be …

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Oct 25

Getting Better Insurance Rates and Saving the Environment with a Biodiesel Car

It was not so long ago when biodiesel meant some treehugger clunker of a vehicle was converted to run used vegetable oil in a crude and cumbersome fashion. Those cars would often be in the form of trucks or school buses with extra cab room to store barrels of discarded vegetable oil from restaurants, and …

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