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Apr 20

Five Alternative Energy Sources You Might Not Know About

Although they’re still the main source of energy for our modern society, fossil fuels are increasingly viewed with disfavour. Non-renewable and negatively impacting the environment, they’re an unsustainable option moving forwards, which means that scientists are increasingly turning to alternatives to take their place. As a result, some truly fascinating solutions are surfacing. Although we’re …

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Jun 13

Biofuels – The Benefits and Drawbacks

Biofuels have long been seen as a renewable alternative to fossil fuels. With petroleum and diesel in limited supply, and some analysts predicting their depletion by the middle of this century, research and development has been placed in biofuels in order to reduce our dependence on conventional sources of energy. Biofuels are typically synthesised from …

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Jan 10

Biofuels: Is it the Solution to our Energy Needs?

Global warming has long been our planet’s worst enemy. The harsh reality is, as we continue to live, our planet continues to die. Our dependency on fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources to support our power needs is costing us big time. The only way to confront this harsh reality is to face it …

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