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Jul 22

5 Renewable Energy Sources to Watch Out For

The world has turned its attention to the preservation of planet Earth. With climate changes and the short supply of finite resources like wood and crude oil, humanity is tasked with figuring out how to harness another type of energy. Aside from controversial nuclear power, renewable energy can be harnessed through the elements while minimally …

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Oct 29

Biomass Heating – Is it Suitable for You?

Biomass heating is defined as the production of heat or the process of heating spaces from the burning of organic materials, such as, virgin untreated wood, certain energy crops and clean industrial and agricultural residues fit for burning. The key characteristics of a biomass fuel depend on its moisture content; this affects its calorific value, …

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Sep 05

Unexpected and Unconventional Alternative Sources of Power

The search for alternative energy sources is an ongoing one. With worldwide supplies of petroleum, coal, and natural gas on the decline, it is imperative that we rely on other sources of power. Luckily, scientists and engineers have already spent many years developing technologies to harness the energies provided by other natural resources. The following …

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Jun 25

Clean, Green Home Energy Solutions

Today, with dwindling fossil fuel supplies and overwhelming evidence of the harm burning them does to our environment, we increasingly look to renewable energy forms as the answer. Many of the world’s governments have set long and short-term targets for reducing carbon emissions but there is also much that we, as individuals, can do. Homes …

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