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Jan 10

Grand Scaling Motorized Blinds

The modern home is no longer filled with rugged amenities that require continual maintenance and manual labor to stay presentable and livable. Rather, technology has evolved to allow for a more comfortable living area with less hassle and increased convenience. Homes are being built with structural integrity, but also innovative styling to create a more …

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Oct 03

6 Little Known Window Treatments

Choosing window treatments for sliding glass or patio doors can be a bit more involved than picking out a treatment for your bathroom window. In bathrooms usually the main concerns are privacy and moisture resistance. On sliders privacy and light control can be issues but also how if functions is important. You may use the …

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Aug 24

The Three Best Ways to Give Your Home an Energy Makeover

Sustainability is not only the key to a greener future, but also the key to economic security for your family. Many experts are already hypothesizing that our planet has reached peak oil production. Traditional forms of energy are only going to become more expensive as our supplies continue to dwindle into the next century. If …

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Aug 16

Guest Post: Go Green With Conservatory Blinds

conservatory blinds

With the rising costs of fuel, many people are choosing green solutions to help reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, particularly in the home. A good proportion of the energy used by a family in a single year goes towards heating and cooling the home. Fortunately, there are many changes that can be made to …

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