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Jun 23

Light Materials For Safer, More Fuel-Efficient Cars

Due to tougher emission and fuel economy standards that are aimed at reducing air pollution, automakers are forced to find new ways for cutting fuel consumption. One of the key factors that affect a vehicle’s fuel economy is weight, given that the more a vehicle weighs, the harder its engine has to work, burning more …

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Nov 15

A guide to the top fuel-efficient company cars

Whether you drive a lot for business, or run your own company and need to provide vehicles for your employees, you’ll want to make sure the car you travel in can do a reasonable number of miles to the gallon to help reduce your driving expenses. Some of the most fuel-efficient models on sale will …

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Nov 05

New BMW Electric Vehicle to Debut at the LA Auto Show

While most people are tightly focused on the state of the economy this election year, the recent devastating storm system that caused billions of dollars in damage across the east coast of the United States has people also considering the importance of protecting the environment and working together against climate change. We may not know …

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Aug 31

BMW’s DriveNow Car Share Launches in San Francisco

The concept of car sharing is not new. For one thing, plenty of commuters use a ride share, park-and-ride, or carpool to cut down on emissions and time spent behind the wheel. But those who live in urban centers may also be keen to do away with the many drawbacks that are part and parcel …

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Jun 27

Toyota and BMW Team Up to Work on Eco Friendly Cars

With every piece of troubling news about our changing environment that comes to life, more and more people are starting to take it seriously. It’s now painfully clear that if we want to leave a better world for our children, we’ve got to start impacting real, daily change. And people are making that concern heard …

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Apr 24

E-Car Owners Could Save over $1K Each Year

It’s pretty much been agreed that electric cars are the way of the future. With finite amounts of petroleum at our disposal (experts estimate it will be gone within the next 50 years or potentially even a lot sooner at the current rate of usage) and the rising toll of hydrocarbon pollution being felt on …

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