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Apr 02

How Much Does Home Maintenance Truly Cost?

Buying a new home is an exciting endeavor, but many first-time buyers forget to factor in the cost of maintaining their home. Upkeep isn’t cheap, but there are simple ways to budget your money that make maintenance and repairs easier to manage. How much does home maintenance cost? Follow these steps to find out. Keeping …

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Aug 11

Why Companies Should Buy Used Office Furniture as Opposed to New

You are standing in the store, pondering whether or not to pick up that shiny executive office chair to add to your business. Congratulations – you are halfway there. But before you make that decision, allow me to make a suggestion. When it comes to purchasing office furniture, chances are you are working on a …

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Jan 10

Easy Ways to Go Green on a College Student Budget

The struggling college student is more than just a stereotype; it’s a reality for many students burdened by the high cost of tuition, fees, and books, not to mention living expenses. And while aide may come in the form of scholarships, student loans, and money from mom and pop, still there are plenty of students …

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Jun 26

Going Local Does a Budget Good

I can’t tell you how many people I overhear complaining at the lines of Whole Foods and farmers markets whenever I go grocery shopping. Hoards of people crowd organic produce meccas to select from the most fresh, delicious, and sustainable food on the market, but vehemently complain while doing so. In fact, whenever farmers markets …

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Jul 07

Eco-Friendly Decorating On a Budget

For a lot of people, decorating is a creative outlet, but when it comes to realizing a vision we have for our homes, our budget can often stand in the way of our dream designs. Unfortunately, many homeowners mistakenly believe that green decorating is too expensive, or that it will limit their style. This just …

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Sep 16

Go Green & Save Money: Eco-friendly Tips for Redecorating your Home on a Budget

For many of us, the money barely seems to stretch far enough to meet the family needs. This means that most people have to prioritize and try to put off less important desires, like redecorating, as long as possible. Luckily, it is possible to make some noticeable changes in your home and still stay within …

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