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Jul 03

Business Model Changes for Real Estate, Construction & Architecture Industry to Tap into Green Construction

Over 40% of global energy is consumed by the real estate industry, which includes constructing and operating buildings. They don’t just account for large energy consumption, but they also produce 25% of the global waste. The demand for sustainable technology is on rise and the construction industry is aligning its resources to provide sustainable building …

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Jan 06

Go Green! Go for Metal Buildings!

Considering the rapidity in which the principles of environment friendliness, energy sufficiency and sustainability of any structure are increasing, people are trying to find a suitable alternative to traditional constructions. However, despite these ideas are becoming increasingly popular, many of us are not aware about the actual idea behind green building. Naturally, every time some …

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Dec 31

Seattle’s Own Green Home Guides

Over the past few years, several publications have placed the state of Washington as one of the greenest states in the union. And its largest city, Seattle, is widely regarded as one of the greenest cities in the United States. This can be attributed to the city’s energy-saving incentives, particularly for residential areas. Seattle promotes …

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Nov 05

Extend Your Eco Conscience to the Garden Shed

The growing issue of global warming is something many individuals are looking to reverse through small steps that, collectively, could make a big difference to the atmosphere. If you’re looking to become more eco-friendly, why not extend your plans to your garden? Growing your own fruit and veg and utilising rainwater harvesting systems are just …

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May 16

Key Strategies For Greening Your Warehouse

hold plant- greening your warehouse

Many companies have taken the initiative to ‘go green’ and it is not uncommon to find office structures fitted with solar panels set in artistically designed ‘green’ grounds, staff re-cycling paper or opting to buy recycled office materials, or simple tactics such as using two or more marked bins to dispose of trash. Few however, …

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Mar 13

Buying an Eco-Friendly House

Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial and emotional decisions a person will make. A number of considerations come into play when shopping for the right home, including the environmental impacts of your purchase. Eco-friendly houses are growing in popularity, as more people look to the future of more sustainable living by reducing …

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Jan 29

Making Our Buildings Green All the Way Through

The most responsible constructors strive to achieve a building that complies with LEED and can be considered as green. The one area that still requires improvement in order to achieve a totally environmentally friendly property is in the power resources used and here we take a look at the concept of green construction and alternative …

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Jan 21

Discover 2 New Ways to Go Green

Everyday, I am confronted with the realities of environmental degradation. The moment I step outside my house, the warm atmosphere instantly reminds me of just how much my surroundings have changed over the years. Furthermore, incessant news of the destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of wildlife give me even more reason to believe that …

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Nov 19

Eco Friendly Construction Is Still a Profitable Venture

Real estate development in 2012 is a tricky proposition. The steep recession that has gripped the economy for the last four years has significantly reduced real estate values, and the market may never completely bounce back to those pre-2008 levels. While construction projects are still in full swing, the scale has been tempered. Both equity …

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Oct 15

Green Building Is Good for More Than Environment

A recent study by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGCB) and Booz Allen Hamilton reported that green building construction not only supports the environment but can have a dramatic impact on the nation’s job creation and economic structure. According to a comprehensive report on environmental sustainability released this year, green construction spending currently supports over …

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Aug 29

How Green Are They? Before Hiring, Check Your Green Contractor’s Qualifications

In the quest to go green and save the planet, people are doing everything from switching to hybrid vehicles to making changes and modifications around their homes to make them more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. For those opting for the latter, many decide to hire green contractors to ensure the job is done right and up …

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Apr 05

Eco Friendly Backyard Design Tips

As you approach winter’s end, take the opportunity to mark this spring as the year you began to practice serious strategies for eco friendly living. You can “go green” nearly anywhere these days, at the office as well as at home. Or, as the snow melts, start right in your own backyard. Here are five …

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