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May 14

Going Green & Why Temporary Buildings Make Environmental Sense

The ability of fixed buildings to blend into the surrounding landscape and be green solutions is a challenge that requires some creativity by architects and builders alike. Certainly, there are many ways that a warehouse storage facility, an office or another large structure can be made to be less obvious within the landscape of rural …

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Jan 09

Living Homes: Subterranean Suburbia?

No, these are not bomb shelters – although some of them may be able to be used as much. Living rooftops and outer walls are a common theme among those looking for a “greener” method living. Many have actually encased their homes in Earth and plant life in order to provide a comfort level and …

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Jan 06

Go Green! Go for Metal Buildings!

Considering the rapidity in which the principles of environment friendliness, energy sufficiency and sustainability of any structure are increasing, people are trying to find a suitable alternative to traditional constructions. However, despite these ideas are becoming increasingly popular, many of us are not aware about the actual idea behind green building. Naturally, every time some …

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Aug 08

5 Unique Office Gadgets Leading the Way In The Green Tech Movement

Ranging from the very small to the very large and in price from very low cost to heavy duty investments, here are 5 green gadgets and technologies that stand at the frontiers of innovative environmental savings. 1. Smart Buildings Since we’re on the subject of exciting office gadgets, might as well include the entire office …

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Feb 22

Green Labels Boost Real Estate Values

green labels

  Buildings that are marked with an Energy Star or another type of green label have higher real estate rankings than buildings or homes that do not. This is just the way that it is. A lot of people, however, find themselves wondering why exactly energy efficient buildings are worth more. The answer to this …

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Oct 18

Green Real Estate Gains Momentum

Green buildings are the buildings that use lesser resources and have a less significant negative force on the environment as compared to the traditional buildings. The water used is less, optimise energy effectiveness, preserve natural resources and produce less waste. Green buildings do not compromise on the service and comfort of the people staying and …

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Feb 20

Guest Post: A Green Home … Made of Steel

When someone thinks of steel buildings, the first words that probably pop in mind are strong, durable, clean-cut, and solid. What’s just as true but perhaps not as pronounced are steel’s excellent characteristics of being extremely sustainable and eco-friendly as well—in fact, in many ways, more so than any other type of building material. But, …

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