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Jun 06

Why You Should Take the Bus to Work Instead of Your Car

Certain things in life are a guarantee. The sun rises each morning and sets in the evening. People will argue about politics and religion. And gas prices will continue to rise. Petroleum is not a renewable resource, and as more third world countries catch up with the United States, the demand for cheap gas has …

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May 30

How to Go Green On Your Next Vacation

It can be tricky trying to maintain your green values when you travel, especially if you need to fly somewhere, as the levels of greenhouse gas emissions which come from an aeroplane are enormous. However, with a little forward thinking it is possible to travel with a slightly clearer conscience. There are a few tips …

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Dec 06

Going Green with Scooters

muenster-going green with scooters

We often harp on about how convenient scooters are, how much cheaper they are that motor cars, how parking is a breeze and traffic just an ensemble of 7 letters with no practical meaning for scooter riders. These are of course the most immediate and obvious attractions for scooter riders. There is however another angle …

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