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Feb 22

Eight Ways Businesses are Going Green

Across the world, businesses are operating in increasingly stringent environmental legislative regimes, while customers are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to business ethics. Accordingly, almost every commercial enterprise these days has an environmental policy and a dedicated manager – or team – in place to implement it. Here, we look at the …

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Feb 19

New Study by MIT Shows Why Businesses Must Embrace Sustainability

skyscrapers - businesses

Environmental experts and scientists from all sorts of disciplines have been loudly pushing for an increased focus on sustainability in the business world. Due to some extreme weather occurrences over the past few years the government is also finally getting seriously involved, demanding that corporations toe the line and start making it a priority. Leaders …

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Jun 25

Green Website Hosting Companies

Energy conservation has become a major issue recently, and website hosting companies have taken notice with many adopting green practices into their business. Internet users might very well see more sites that have banners illustrating that they’re hosted with renewable energy, many using wind power. Companies might also show tips on how system administrators can …

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May 23

How Can Businesses Reduce Their Carbon Footprint?

With an increasing need to save the planet, both individuals and organisations have a social responsibility to operate in a greener, more environmentally-friendly way. Whilst offsetting an organisation’s carbon footprint is a start, actually looking at ways to reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint is also vital. It not only has a beneficial impact on the …

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May 16

How to Design a Green Work Environment?

There are many ways on how to arrive at better lifestyle in this contemporary era, and one the best among them is going green to preserve the world from serious harm later on. As signs of global warming have modified the world, we need to act responsibly to save our environment. We begin as individuals …

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Nov 02

Guest Post: How Vehicle Tracking Can Save Fuel and the Environment

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for new ways to make their businesses green. Not only does this look appealing to potential customers, it also really does help to save the environment and it is important that businesses do all they can in this respect. If your business owns and operates a fleet of vehicles, …

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Sep 08

The Green Steps: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

fair trade certified

One of the best ways to take your business to the next level in today’s world is to go green. You don’t have to have a completely green business plan, and you don’t have to sell only recycled products. However, you can do a bit of good for the world around you, and you can …

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Sep 01

Does your Insurance Cover your New Small ‘Green’ Business?


As many entrepreneurs and small business owners are starting to grow more concerned about sustaining the planet, many are now diligently working to reduce their company’s carbon footprint while simultaneously creating a green-working environment for both their employees and clients via costly renovations. But when disaster strikes, many business owners are shocked to discover their …

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Aug 22

Greening the Landscaping Business

When it comes to landscaping the question of whether a business is able to go green often reflects the efforts companies would like to make in moving in that direction. For example, one factor that can prevent a change to a more eco-friendly ethic might be the fact landscaping is a day job with little …

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Aug 10

Guest Post: Eco-Friendly Business Cards Make a Great First Impression

green business cards

Going green is no longer an alternative lifestyle. For a while, only the die-hard conservationists were advocating environmentally friendly practices; it was a cause that few people in our eminently “disposable” consumer society cared about. But eventually, it became trendy to embrace practices like recycling, waste management, organics, and environmentally sound manufacturing. These days, many …

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Jul 29

5 Tips for Selecting a Green Travel Destination

Fiji eco lodge

1. Eco Lodges One of the best ways you can minimize the negative environmental impact of travel is selecting the right eco lodge, or green accommodation. Be sure to ask the hotel what types of green initiatives they have in place. An important, though often overlooked aspect of ecotourism, is the impact on the local …

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Jun 06

5 Techniques to Keep Storage For Your Business Sustainable

Take a look around your office or business space. Unfortunately, some of today’s most popular storage containers and packaging materials are also the most harmful to our environment. Roughly one-third of America’s municipal solid waste comes from these storage materials. Sadly, the majority of this is neither recyclable nor biodegradable, resulting in these detrimental materials …

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