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Apr 30

How to Fix Your Sleep Cycle

Remember the days when we had a fixed time to go to bed as a kid? Well, life is not like that anymore for most of us. Although almost everything about our lives has changed, our sleep cycles have probably gone through the biggest change! We neither go early to bed anymore nor do we …

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Feb 01

How Coffee Increases Your Metabolism and Helps You Lose Weight

People drink coffee for sorts of reasons. Some drink coffee all the time because it’s a major part of their culture. Most drink it because of its stimulating properties. Some are drinking it because  coffee can also cause weight loss.Get your own restaurant quality espresso at home at You might be surprised to learn …

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Sep 19

Natural Ways to Get Energy in College

Staying energized and healthy is one of the most important things for college students. The body and mind are intimately connected, and as in so many other aspects of life, one hand washes the other. Nourishing your body with natural sources of energy will make sure that your mind stays sharp, allowing you to excel …

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