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Feb 23

Fascinating All-Natural Health Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD is extracted from hemp plants and mixed with a carrier oil to produce the final product of CBD oil. It’s unique in the health benefits that it offers and as research continues, who knows what other illnesses and conditions it may be found to help. The majority of states have made it simple for …

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Mar 21

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been in practice over millennia. Nowadays, there’s no need to go to luxury spas or upscale health clubs, you can easily have your body massaged at home using the rechargeable massagers hand held – a wonderful device that makes you a self-taught massage therapist to relieve pains by yourself. Practicing massage therapy …

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Aug 14

How Outdoor Marquees Keep Kids Sun Safe at School

We all know how to slip, slop and slap, but sun protection for kids at school doesn’t end here. Elementary and middle schools (or Primary and secondary schools if you are in Australia) are required to provide adequate shaded areas for kids during recess, lunch and active play, as well for as physical education and …

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Apr 02

5 Health Risks That Require Early Detection

We all like to believe we know what our bodies are up to. Many of us exercise, eat right and feel good about ourselves. However, what we see on the surface isn’t always what is real. There are many health risks below the skin that don’t always give indication. Most of these conditions won’t create …

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Sep 19

Rapid Advances in Geriatric Medicine

An Increasingly Complex Endeavor Geriatrics is a massively more complex endeavor today than it was even 10 years ago. Never mind the technological advances that have occurred in terms of hip replacement devices and cochlear implants that can be surgically implanted into the side of the skull of an aging person’s weakening hearing, healthcare in …

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Sep 07

How Drinking Coffee Can Heal Your Thyroid

In modern times most people out there believe that coffee is bad for your health. Seriously there are groups of people out there that are completely against it regardless of what evidence you may bring to prove against their theories. There are also many so called medical experts out there that claim coffee is extremely …

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