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Jan 10

Key Steps On Helping To Make Your Next Drive More Eco Friendly

With all the hustle and bustle of city life, you may end up tired and stressed. Each day, city living gets busier and busier, you’d end up so busy that you sometimes forget to stop, take time to relax, enjoy the smell of flowers, and feel the breeze. And even if you try, all you’d …

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Sep 20

Eco-Friendly Ways to Wash Your Car

A surprising recommendation that has been given recently supports the use of automated vehicle washing systems over hand washing a vehicle. New information based on recent studies also points to the fact that washing a car with a normal garden hose uses nearly 100 gallons of water versus the 40 gallons used by an automated …

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Dec 05

How to Make and Use Biodiesel

With the general population recently scrambling to find a healthier, more efficient, and even more convenient form of fuel than gasoline, many have begun to realize the vast benefits of biodiesel. But while it may be a rising alternative to power the world, few actually understand what it is and how exactly it can be …

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Apr 30

10 Things to Do Now for Greener Tomorrow

Everybody can name steps the world should take to ensure a Greener future and within minutes on the computer find ways that are the equivalent of taking 30 million cars off the road and shutting down 150 coal power plants etc. etc. So why are we talking about it instead of doing? I believe a …

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Mar 07

Preventing Breakdowns Essential Vehicle Maintenance

  If you have breakdown coverage on your vehicle, the thought of your car malfunctioning may not bring you much stress. No matter what type of coverage you have, preventing breakdowns in the first place is always the best idea. If you own a vehicle, you should understand proper maintenance practices. Here are five basic …

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Feb 19

Sell Your Car and ‘Go Green’

More and more of us are becoming conscious of the impact our lifestyles can have on the environment – and none more so than car owners. If you’re thinking of selling your car to do your bit, here are some things to consider.   The facts –  Road transport produces 22% of carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions …

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Feb 11

3 Have To Know Things About Buying a Green Car

Whether it’s because they want to help the environment or simply stop spending a third of their paycheck on gasoline for their car, these days, many people are making the switch to a green Eco-friendly car. However, just like everything else in the world, no green car is perfect. Here are three things you must …

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Jan 29

According to Research Gen Y Wants Green and Fuel Efficient Vehicles

When it comes to the environment, pretty much everybody is concerned with making sure they can do whatever is in their power to conserve and protect it. It’s become apparent that we haven’t really done the best job at taking good care of the environment over the course of the last several decades. Of course, …

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Dec 20

5 Things to Expect From Eco Friendly Car Insurance

If you are thinking about buying an eco-friendly car insurance policy; you are not alone! The media often runs stories about the state of the environment, and many consumers are becoming more concerned about how their own actions are contributing to pollution and the depletion of the ozone layer. Eco friendly car insurance seems to …

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Dec 05

Ford Fusion Named “Green Car of the Year” at LA Auto Show

The future is an amazing time, and it’s bringing amazing things to all of us. Technology has advanced to the point where it’s allowed us to do newer and more incredible things than we had ever imagined was possible, and what’s great is that we’re starting now to focus our technological prowess towards developing ways …

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Nov 19

A Guide to Choosing a Green Car

It is a commonly known fact that our Earth is suffering just like an unhealthy person suffers with some disease. The ozone layer that protects us all from burning alive by the Sun’s heat is being damaged more and more every day because of pollution. One of the main sources of pollution is the type …

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Nov 15

How Green Car Insurance Companies Give Back

It may seem like many corporations are jumping onto the environmentally friendly bandwagon. Some seem to be truly committed to providing you with quality service and minimizing their impact on the environment, and others seem to fall short in the impact they are having on the planet. If you have made the decision to buy …

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