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Aug 01

How Do Carbon Offsets Work

Carbon offsets are a great way to create a balance between the environmental damage you as an individual produce by using dirty energy sources (fossil fuels). Carbons off setters aim to help reduce these impacts by negating or diminishing the release of harmful energy elsewhere. A carbon offset is an investment or a donation to …

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Mar 07

Green Gone Gross: Ways Not to Give Back

recycle symbol with planet earth

It would be nice if we could sit back in our favorite chair, munching on fast food, while losing weight and helping the earth become sustainable. That’s about as likely as Oprah being discovered as a secret warlord (aka: never going to happen). Running out of resources is a huge problem. We’ll need two earths …

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Oct 23

How Trade Shows Are Working to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Trade shows are great ways for individuals and businesses to schmooze with the competition, network with potential clients, learn new tips and tricks, and get their name out there so that they can expand their market share. Unfortunately, these types of large, short-term events also take lots of energy to put on, leaving a huge …

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