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Sep 21

Maintain Your Car For Greener Driving

If you fail to keep your car in top condition through regular maintenance, then you’ll be driving a car that unnecessarily pollutes the air. If you develop a problem with burning oil, then it creates excessive smoke. When the engine of your car is not in good condition, it burns more gas per mile which …

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Aug 25

15 Ways to Go Green and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Going green, reducing your carbon footprint, and maybe even saving a bit of money while we do all of that sounds magical. If you want to lighten your carbon footprint and live a greener and more environmentally conscious lifestyle; this post if for you. We are going to cover 15 actionable ways you can go …

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Jun 04

Infographic: Environmentally Friendly Car Guide

June 5th is “World Environment Day”. Below is an infographic based around Environmentally Friendly Cars, highlighting the fact that car emissions are the biggest cause of environmental pollution and some ways in which to help prevent this. It also discusses the benefits of using eco-friendly cars which emit less pollution as compared to the traditional cars, while …

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Nov 05

10 Environment Friendly Driving Practices That Also Save You Money

Going green takes a lot more than just choosing a car with low fuel consumption, it also boils down to how you drive. It is common knowledge that cars are machines that emit the most greenhouse gasses and damage the environment we live. If we are to conserve the environment, we have to first change …

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Aug 31

BMW’s DriveNow Car Share Launches in San Francisco

The concept of car sharing is not new. For one thing, plenty of commuters use a ride share, park-and-ride, or carpool to cut down on emissions and time spent behind the wheel. But those who live in urban centers may also be keen to do away with the many drawbacks that are part and parcel …

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Apr 11

Greenify Your Commute: The Greenest Ways to Get to Work

Commuting is a hard sell no matter how you look at it. Sure you need to work, and sometimes that means driving a fair distance, especially if you already own a home or have a specialty occupation that cannot be readily practiced outside of certain areas (or both). But nobody enjoys sitting in gridlock for …

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