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Sep 19

What Should You Be Doing With Your Unwanted Waste?

Every year, individuals produce hundreds of kilograms of disposable waste without thinking much about the consequences. In a world with finite resources and billions of people all doing the same, it doesn’t take long for major consequences to be felt from this behaviour. From overflowing rubbish dumps to polluted roads, all of what we use …

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Aug 29

Ways to Implement An Eco-Friendly Business and How it Will Attract Investors

Ecotourism, organic food, farms – all of these flows in business are highly popular today. In the age of innovational technologies, business and ecology are closely intertwined, and with each year, the number of eco-conscious entrepreneurs is growing. This fact is easily explained. More and more people today strive to make a change for the …

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Dec 20

Planning a Wedding? Five Creative Favors

Planning a wedding is no easy feat, hence the hundreds of professionals that have made fantastic careers out of making other peoples’ dream weddings a reality. If, however, you are on a budget, a wedding planner may not be in the cards. Rest assured that that does not mean that you can’t have a fabulously …

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Oct 31

5 Ways to Make Use of Old Technology

In the modern age, technology is constantly changing and developing. Keeping up with this rapid development has left us all with obsolete technology. The rapid turnover of technology has meant we no longer feel satisfied with last year’s product, so what should we do with the devices we no longer want or, for instance if …

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Aug 07

Earth Education Project: Empowering Women in Nicaragua

The Earth Education Project (EEP) is a registered UK Charity providing women in Nicaragua with education and employment opportunities. Pneumonia, asthma, TB, malaria and conjunctivitis are common in La Chureca, Nicaragua. Medicine is not free in Nicaragua so the Earth Education Project supports 50% of the women’s and their family’s medical costs, providing a safety …

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