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Jan 09

Are We Headed For a Food Shortage?

When disaster strikes, it’s best to already have your emergency preparedness plan at hand. After all, where will you buy food, water and gas for your vehicles when the system breaks down? Many people live in areas where this type of problem seems to be an unlikely fantasy out of a fiction novel, but what …

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Oct 10

Kitchen Improvement Project – Things You Need To Get A Green Kitchen With Eco-Friendly Appliances

As stated by the US Department of Energy Statistics, kitchen equipment and lighting consume around 40% or more of a home’s total power usage. When you add other basic kitchen appliances like air conditioners and heaters, lessening the energy usage and cost and enhancing its efficiency and conservation must be well prioritized. In every kitchen …

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Sep 24

Useful Tips for Your Checklist When Moving Home

There are so many things to take into consideration when moving home comes to the agenda. Deciding on what to do first and how to prioritize everything is the hardest thing to do sometimes. That is why there is a big need of having a proper checklist, so you can follow it prior, during and …

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Jun 05

Green Home Buying Checklist

If you’re in the market for a new home, there’s no better time than now to ensure that your new home is as efficient with energy as possible. These days, more and more eco-friendly practices are being used to build new homes but there are still a lot of people stuck in antiquated frames of …

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