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Jan 23

The 2014 Prius Plug-in: What to Know

The 2014 Toyota Prius plug-in has changed little since the previous year’s model, but the one thing consumers will find in this hybrid is a lower price. In order to entice buyers, Toyota slashed the MSRP from almost $35,000 to $29,990. If you want the loaded model, expect to pay $34,905. Save money by taking …

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May 17

Will the Prius be Replaced Soon?

From the outside, it looks like sales of the Toyota Prius have never been better. According to WardAuto, they surpassed their 2012 sales goal by 16,000 units, and the rising gas prices since 2011 have cause many buyers to take the plunge and go hybrid. But not everything is smooth sailing for the Prius. An …

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Apr 30

The Future of Electric and Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles

It’s becoming clear that gasoline-powered vehicles are going to become a thing of the past and vehicles are going to be powered by alternative fuels in the future. Apart from vehicles that are powered by electricity, which are already quite popular, there are also vehicles that use hydrogen as a source of energy. Electric vehicles …

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Mar 27

First 2012 Coda Cars Delivered to Customers

The all-electric Coda has certainly been a long time coming. It was initially unveiled at the L.A. Auto Show back in November of 2010, with the opening salvo on sales slated to commence the following month. More than a year later, the first consumer models have finally been delivered to customers eager to get their …

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