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Mar 29

Teach Your Children to Be Eco-Friendly – 10 Easy Steps

What is a secret of bringing up eco-friendly kids? To appreciate, respect and love environment? It is so necessary that a baby grows into a responsible and kind person. Here are few tips for raising an environment-oriented child collected by the group of experts. Planting of trees Having a few plants in your apartment brings …

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Dec 20

7 Simple Tips for a Green and Eco-Friendly Holiday Season

When the holidays roll around, most of us are wracking our brains to try and get the best gifts for our loved ones. Unfortunately, the holidays also tend to be the most wasteful time of the year, with piles of discarded wrapping paper, decorations and party supplies heading for the nearest landfill. This year, how …

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Jul 28

E Christmas Cards For Business Works Like Effective Marketing Tool

E Christmas cards for business is an inexpensive and powerful yet efficient online marketing instrument that every firm should use to get benefit every year. If you are the owner of a business and never send Christmas cards, it is vital that you should start sending Christmas greetings this time.  If your firm has been …

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Dec 03

To Tree or Not to Tree?

We love trees. They clean our air and water, store our carbon, and lend a hand in creating many of life’s needful things, from our homes and furniture to America’s beloved baseball bats. So we should never, ever cut one down for the sole purpose of decorating our living rooms for the month of December, …

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Dec 12

5 Other Uses For Your Christmas Tree After The Holidays

Christmas trees are a sustainable crop that many communities recycle at the curbside when the season is over. Still, their time is not necessarily over. Brilliant new uses have extended the lifespan and the mythic stature of the Christmas tree. The story’s not over when the ornaments come off. Here are five other uses for …

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Apr 10

LED Christmas Lights Can Be Used All Year Round

In the last few years my family have been replacing all of our light bulbs with CFL and LED light bulbs because they are the greener option. Recently I have really seen the benefits of using LED lighting in our home. We have noticed the energy savings from not using incandescent or ordinary tungsten bulbs. LEDs …

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Dec 19

An alternative Christmas gift idea

Now supposing you’re a home owner, who has once again been crippled by the ever amounting costs of not just Christmas, but by life in general, wouldn’t it be nice to actually save some money in 2013? With the planets fuel resources slowly running out, wouldn’t it be nice to give a gift this Christmas …

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Nov 28

Make Your Christmas a Fair Trade One

  With the season of giving and spreading good will quickly approaching why not invest in something that will give joy to even more this year. Fair trade has been gaining momentum over recent years with sales of fair trade products growing 15% between 2008-2009. The movement aims to help producers in developing countries who …

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Nov 19

Green Christmas Decorations

This Christmas, instead of buying new decorations that could have long-term consequences for the planet, invest in environmentally safe holiday decor. In keeping with the green Christmas spirit, there’s enjoyable and simple do-it-yourself projects that are free of carbon foot prints. Before heading to the store, look around the house for last year’s gift wrap, …

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Dec 01

Fair Trade Holiday Gift Guide From

green mountain coffee has come up with a great guide for this holiday season. This season you can make every purchase matter by giving a gift that keeps on giving. Just look for the Fair Trade Certified label to help spread holiday cheer not only to your loved ones, but also to farmers and workers around the world. …

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Nov 22

Go Green for Christmas

Christmas is a major time of consumption and energy use, so thinking about going green can really have a big impact. It can also be a great way to work together with family and friends – and you may even save money too! A green feast The best thing you can do here is go …

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