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Oct 13

The Most Compelling Benefits of Riding a Bike Instead of Driving

It has been long established that riding a bike is the way to go if you want to make a difference for your environment. Cars can be real detrimental to the environment and sacrificing a bit of speed in favor of a healthier world is something that many will take gladly.  However, many are no …

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Jul 22

12 Tips for Combating Climate Change in the City

Worried about the environment? Concerned about climate change? These are huge issues. What can a one person do? A lot. Take action to tackle environmental problems and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, even if you’re on the 12th floor of a city high rise. Many small steps from many people add up. Water, Water Everywhere …

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Feb 12

Infographic: Benefits of Urban Forests

This infographic details the benefits of trees in urban areas. Trees reduces energy consumption, aid in air purification and water management. Also mentioned are facts on how trees add to the cityscape and improve the atmosphere figuratively and literally. Also learn about three famous trees: The Survivor Tree, The Oldest Parisian Tree and The Marylebone …

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Jan 02

The Rise of Urban Greening

During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, cities across the US and the rest of the western world raced to industrialize. Factories sprang up out of nowhere and workers flowed in from the countryside, eager to be part of the new industrial world. Cities like Detroit grew quickly, with busy city centers and acres of housing …

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Aug 29

Sustainability in the City: Living an Urban Green Lifestyle

For millions of Americans, there’s no place they’d rather live than in a bustling city. Yet as people throughout the nation have become more environmentally conscious, challenges have arisen as to how urban folks can live in an eco-friendly way. Many cities have adopted new approaches to promoting green lifestyles, yet many people are concerned …

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Nov 13

How the Community Development Block Grant Can Save Your City

Times are tough for a lot of people, and although the economy has sputtered into motion, the recovery has been a bit slow for those who suffered most. There are lots of people in desperate need of a helping hand, and there are countless towns and cities within the US that need funding for new …

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Oct 24

Planning and Preparing for an Inter-City Move

Moving between cities is nowhere near as complicated as an international move and it is also not as expensive. This means that you can easily hire a remover, or reduce your environmental impact by transporting everything yourself. Naturally, if you have a large volume of things to move, the most viable option – both time …

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