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Feb 12

3 Deadly Secrets About Chemical Cleaners That You Need to Know

Adverts portray household cleaners as totally safe to use; but the reality is actually more sinister than you would expect. While these chemical cleaners are useful in sanitizing, degreasing, washing, and whitening our surfaces and clothes, they also contain 3 chemicals that are harmful to our water and air because they contribute to smog, reduce …

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Nov 28

10 Ways That People Who Have Pets Can Be Eco-Friendly

Nowadays there are plenty of people who are concerned about the size of their carbon footprint. There are many ways that everyone can do their part in reducing how much waste we are leaving behind. Even pet owners can get in on the act. Here are 10 ways that people with pets can be eco-friendly. …

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Jan 25

Looking for the Most Environmentally Friendly Hand Cleaning Products?

It can be a challenge to find hand cleaning products that are safe for the environment, with many sanitisers containing abrasive chemicals that can dry out and damage your skin. In this context, it’s worth looking for non-toxic cleaners, as well as sanitisers that are made using essential oils; alternatively, you can make your own …

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Sep 05

Eco Tips and Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

Photo Credit: SurvivalWoman We’re slowly learning that the overuse of cleaning products can damage not only the environment, but also our health when used in the home. With many bottles that we pick up to clean our bathroom’s branded with large clear lettering stating ‘caution’ maybe it’s time we used a little less harmful products …

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Jun 05

A Mean, Green, Commercial Cleaning Machine

Everyone’s heard about the green business phenomenon — the drive to make our nation’s medium-sized and large businesses more environmentally friendly. It’s a change that absolutely has to be made; the world we live in is turning out to be a less renewable resource than we once thought. So what’s the difference between a business …

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Nov 16

5 Money Savings Tips For Eco-Friendly Homes

Green clean

If saving money came naturally, we’d probably all be rich. Unfortunately, keeping the pennies in the bank is something most Mom’s and Dad’s struggle with. People often assume that saving money requires big changes and a lot of effort but in reality, that’s just not true! Making a few small changes around the home can …

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