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Dec 20

Converted Your Home To Run Greener? Now Convert Your Friends!

Credit   When you’re talking about living a greener life, the word “convert” comes up on a semi-regular basis. You convert to driving a more fuel-efficient car, or to using microfiber cloths instead of kitchen towel. You may convert your home power to run from more sustainable sources. It can all begin to sound a …

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Jul 17

Infographic: Great Green Places to Stay

This infographic shows 10 great green destinations which lower environmental impact on their communities. Also details on ecotourism around the world. Great green places to stay infographic

Jul 11

How Telematics is Reducing Car Emissions

With climate change already showing its effects with increases in hurricanes and floods, it’s time for everyone to cut down their personal emissions. Motoring makes up a significant chunk of total CO2 and other climate changing causing emissions, so has rightly been an area where many have looked for solutions. Viable electric cars have been …

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Jan 18

The Energy Industry and Climate Change

The energy industry is one of the largest in the United States and we use energy for many different things. From lighting to heating, energy is a large part of our lives. Changing temperatures and the change in the overall climate of some areas has caused changes in how much energy is used. This is …

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Jan 03

3 Environmental Documentaries Not to Be Missed

Our world is changing every day, and so is the environment. People can deny this fact all they want, but the reality is apparent. Warm winters, scorching hot summers, hurricanes and earthquakes have been part of the earth’s environment since the beginning of time, but only to a certain extent. The rapid change of the …

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Dec 17

Building Greener Homes for a More Economical Future is Just the Start

Imagine if the idea of protecting the planet isn’t the right one, after all, it’s just a massive piece of rock suspended in space. It will always exist in some form or other, yet the people who live on it may not. It’s hard to start thinking green as the issues can seem overwhelming. The …

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Nov 05

Making the World a Better Place with Fuel Efficient Vehicles

With gas prices topping four dollars per gallon in most states, fuel efficiency has become an essential consideration when shopping for a new car. But there’s more than just our wallets at stake. Unchecked oil consumption has left our planet choking in toxic emissions. By reducing the amount of gasoline needed to power the engine, …

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Oct 03

Go Green! Save Energy

Now more than ever before we hear various social groups and organisation talking about growing concerns over how Global warming is affecting the Earth. So, what are we doing about it? To be honest, nothing! Yes, it’s true that the weather has been most unpredictable and the heat has become almost unbearable. But, does that …

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Jan 10

Biofuels: Is it the Solution to our Energy Needs?

Global warming has long been our planet’s worst enemy. The harsh reality is, as we continue to live, our planet continues to die. Our dependency on fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources to support our power needs is costing us big time. The only way to confront this harsh reality is to face it …

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Nov 29

The Environmental Benefits of Using Moroccan Tadelakt Plaster

Moroccan tadelakt plaster

People are becoming more and more aware of the need to limit the impact of their actions on the environment, and are increasingly taking action to reduce their carbon footprints. Interestingly, the way you decorate your home can also play a role here. For instance, many people choose to finish the surfaces of their bathroom …

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Nov 22

Guest Post: Why Vehicle Tracking is Environmentally Friendly

As well as saving companies’ money, vehicle tracking and remote asset management systems are also good for the environment, for a number of reasons. With trackers put into practice, businesses that utilise large fleets of vehicles can cut down considerable amounts of waste. Firstly, by using fleet management, firms can perfect their routes to cut …

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Jun 10

Climate Change & The December 21, 2012 End of Days Theory

I’ve recently heard and read a lot of discussion lately about the date of December 21, 2012 being the end of the world as we know it. Some say it is the End of Days and will be the end of human life on our planet. Others think that will be the day when something …

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