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Apr 16

The Science Behind How Solar Panels Are Saving the Environment

Our modern society has become almost cripplingly dependent on power generated by fossil fuels, such as coal and oil. As we speak, nearly 40 percent of the energy consumption in the United States comes from homes and businesses. However, most of this energy consumption causes massive amounts of pollution to the water and air. Additionally, …

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Dec 12

Coal Dust Pollution – Causes, Problems and Possible Solutions

We, the people, often forget that our planet Earth’s resources cannot and will not last indefinitely. Unfortunately, rarely do we stop to wonder what we are leaving for the generations to come. Coal mining, especially surface mining, causes temporary disturbance to huge areas of land. This leads to numerous environmental concerns which include coal dust, …

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Mar 22

Green Technology Tendencies in 2013

Green technologies have already embraced the whole world and almost the entire range of industries and scientific fields. The only thing left is to forecast how fast the alternative energy and ecofriendly treatment will be realized into life and completely replace the conventional livelihood of the global society. In practice, there are various assumptions concerning …

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