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Jul 15

Going Off-Grid: How To Turn The Idea Into Reality With Some Powerful Strategies

It’s no secret that everyone relies on third-party service providers for energy and water. All modern homes are connected to “the grid” and have power, water and waste disposal on demand. The trouble is, with such reliance on those services, what would we do if they no longer existed? One obvious fact is that the …

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May 15

Building Sustainable Community Housing

Green buildings are making inroads into the commercial space market segment. According to recent surveys, green buildings are on rise in the US. Almost half of all new U.S. retail shops and hotels are expected to go green by 2015. However, there is another market segment that is benefiting from this shift. Affordable housing communities …

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Feb 27

Eco-Friendly Trends in Assisted Living – Retiring with a Small Carbon Footprint

Being able to retire in a responsible way is on the minds of many older folks today. With the move towards more sustainable lifestyles, eco-friendly assisted living communities are becoming a popular way to do this. In many cities, the development of green retirement homes are an integral part of society, to lessen the negative …

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Nov 13

How the Community Development Block Grant Can Save Your City

Times are tough for a lot of people, and although the economy has sputtered into motion, the recovery has been a bit slow for those who suffered most. There are lots of people in desperate need of a helping hand, and there are countless towns and cities within the US that need funding for new …

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Oct 26

Guest Post: University Challenge:Go Green for $1 Billion

Remember Captain Planet, that loveable yet fiercely determined green-tinged superhero and advocate for protecting the earth who was the brainchild of mogul Ted Turner (he of TBS and TNT) and ran in Captain Planet and the Planeteers in syndication in the early 1990s? With an army of multicultural adolescents as eager as he to save …

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Mar 16

Guest Post: Daybreak Utah

Daybreak Utah

There is an enormous difference between a house and a home, just as there is as large a difference between a street and a neighborhood. You’re not just buying bricks and mortar or a cute little flower bed out front, you’re buying your entire lifestyle by choosing where you’ll spend your downtime and what things …

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