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Mar 11

Eco-Living In The Countryside

image   When we think about eco-living, it doesn’t get any better than heading to the countryside. Living in a rural part of the world gives you a better opportunity to live an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. You can live off the land by cultivating your own vegetables. It’s easier to collect your own water, and …

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May 12

Learn Sustainability From Green Mountain College

In today’s society, most college campuses are taking a step to become more environmentally friendly. As a student at Green Mountain College, one of the greenest schools in the nation, my colleagues and I have a strong sense of how to be aware of our impact on the environment and our college’s impact on the …

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Aug 29

The Least Expensive Eco Friendly Home Improvements

Home Improvements are a necessity, but to many homeowners they’re a great time, and help to maintain a sense of pride in one’s living environment. There are all kinds of projects that the average weekend warrior can do to spruce up the house or apartment, and many of them can even involve very positive environmental …

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Apr 02

9 Top Tips For A Greener Lifestyle

Do you want to live a greener life? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people are starting to actively seek ways to minimise their carbon footprint and conserve resources. Living a greener lifestyle helps everyone, from your family right through to the wider world. Individual actions may be small but together they combine to …

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Mar 21

Design Firm Turns Mushrooms Into Eco Friendly Packaging

So it seems that mushrooms are no longer going to be relegated only to soups, salads and pastas. Apparently, with a bit of biotech know-how, they can also be used as packaging materials. Ecovative Design, a five-year-old company based in upstate New York, has figured out a way to incorporate mushrooms into shipping and packaging …

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