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Jul 25

Going Green with Waste Management & Recycling

Deciding to go green is not only a noble effort, but it will help future generations and the environment. It’s the day-to-day actions and the habits you develop that matter most when it comes to recycling. Finding effective ways to reduce your energy consumption is worthwhile for yourself and the planet in so many ways …

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Jun 26

Creative Uses for Old Computer Parts

We love our computers, but not how often we have to replace them. Technology is moving so swiftly, that a brand new computer is obsolete in only two to three years. That means tons of replacement purchasing, and heaps of old devices and parts lying around. For those of us concerned with environmental sustainability, this …

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Oct 03

A 12 Step Program to a Greener Computer Experience

sheen computer

I renamed my desktop computer Charlie Sheen. Every evening I get home from work, grab a sandwich and sit at my desktop ready to read the day’s email. I turn “Charlie” on and, reminded that things go better with Coke, I retreat to the fridge for a soft drink. When I return, Charlie is still …

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