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Sep 16

Environmentally-Friendly Surrounds for Your Shower and Tub

Everyday rituals may make our lives predictable, yet they somehow give us a comfortable rhythm. Hence, it can be said that they can be boring to do at times. Good thing, however, that there are so many ways to make these rituals fun and special. Showering and bathing, for example, can be made special by …

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Jan 02

The Rise of Urban Greening

During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, cities across the US and the rest of the western world raced to industrialize. Factories sprang up out of nowhere and workers flowed in from the countryside, eager to be part of the new industrial world. Cities like Detroit grew quickly, with busy city centers and acres of housing …

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Dec 17

Exclusivity Of Stained Concrete Floors

Do you need a good flooring option? There is no doubt in saying that concrete is infinitely versatile. You can incorporate an endless variety of textures and colors to give a charming look to your floors. By installing concrete floors, you are going to end up paying less for a floor that provides structural support …

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Jul 16

Looking for Green Countertops? Have You Considered…

If your considering remodeling your kitchen and want to be eco-friendly about it, you aren’t the only one. There are television shows, magazines, websites, and stores devoted to the concept of “green” design. In fact, environmentally friendly remodeling has become so popular that the ideas and materials available to you may start to feel a …

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