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Jun 15

Renovate Without Guilt: Tips for a Sustainable Renovation Project

If your home looks old and worn-out, and you are considering to give it a quick facelift or complete makeover, it is important to make sure you are not causing any harm to the environment while doing good to your home. Do a favour to yourself and the Mother Nature by planning out sustainable renovation …

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May 31

Know How These 5 Industries Can Manage Their Waste and Disposal Methods

Waste disposal has become the most significant concern around the world because along with the population and technology boom, the amount of waste that we are producing has skyrocketed, and if efficient disposal methods are not employed, then it might even result in the extinction of all species. Processes that generate waste are as follows: …

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Mar 13

Buying an Eco-Friendly House

Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial and emotional decisions a person will make. A number of considerations come into play when shopping for the right home, including the environmental impacts of your purchase. Eco-friendly houses are growing in popularity, as more people look to the future of more sustainable living by reducing …

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Dec 05

Build Green – Harness Natural Resources

Despite increased levels of awareness and concern regarding the harmful by products of non-renewable energy sources, alarming research shows that investment into essential wind, water, solar and nuclear power has halved in just three years within the UK. Such trends are also evident around the recession hit globe, as governments stall, disagree and display indecision …

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Nov 19

Eco Friendly Construction Is Still a Profitable Venture

Real estate development in 2012 is a tricky proposition. The steep recession that has gripped the economy for the last four years has significantly reduced real estate values, and the market may never completely bounce back to those pre-2008 levels. While construction projects are still in full swing, the scale has been tempered. Both equity …

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Oct 15

Green Building Is Good for More Than Environment

A recent study by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGCB) and Booz Allen Hamilton reported that green building construction not only supports the environment but can have a dramatic impact on the nation’s job creation and economic structure. According to a comprehensive report on environmental sustainability released this year, green construction spending currently supports over …

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Aug 08

Looking to Build an Eco-home? Know More About It!

If you are thinking of building a new home, you need materials like stone slabs and wood to complete your project. Unfortunately, these raw materials can only be obtained through mining and lumbering, processes that can be detrimental to the environment. Fret not: there’s still one other option for you to build your dream home, …

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Apr 10

Steel versus Wood: The Eco Housing Debate

To steel or not to steel? That is the question! When constructing a new home, what should you be using; wood or steel frames? And, vitally, what will make your structure more eco-friendly? Steel frames are becoming increasingly popular, with construction companies choosing them over the more traditional wood frames of the past. With a …

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Feb 21

Become Environmentally Responsible with Modular Construction

The growing trend of green living continues to bloom both in the United States and internationally. Consumers are realizing that living green doesn’t simply involve recycling paper, using energy-efficient light bulbs, and driving electric cars. If we plan to reside on this earth, we must take care of it. To so do, we must see …

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