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Jan 17

Some Useful Cooking Tips to Cook Your Vegetables While on the GM Diet Plan

The GM Diet has met with unprecedented success and not without reasons.  Losing about 5-7 kgs in a day is unimaginable to most of us. But if you opt for GM diet you can shed that many kilos if not more.  If you are sticking to the diet, you must be particular about how you …

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Nov 19

Go Green with Eco Friendly Cookers

There is a reason why slow cookers even after several decades of cookware innovation, can still be seen in our countertops. It is because this simple electrical cooking appliance, which has been around since the 70’s, has yet to be overtaken on some of its usefulness by other more modern kitchen appliance. Take convenience for …

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Jun 14

Simple Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

It happens every month: you get your electric bill in the mail and cringe as you open it, hoping it won’t be too bad this time. Rather than weeping openly every time you get your bill in the mail, take some time to do a few simple things that will lower your electric bill and …

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