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May 05

How To Reduce Your Home Wastage For A Happier Planet

The home can be a substantial source of environmental waste. From food and water to things like electricity and heating gas, the average household could do much better at preventing excessive waste. We produce enormous amounts of waste at home each year. In fact, in only the first four months of this year, there has …

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Oct 14

Two of the UK’s Greenest Cities

Historically cities have been associated with industrialism and the pollution they produce, which was once an accurate association. Today there seems to have been a dramatic transformation in a lot of UK cities green initiatives and efforts to rid this association. Many green initiatives and environmentally friendly solutions have developed over the years and I …

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Aug 18

District Heating & Cooling – a Glimpse into Sheffield’s Energy Network

For those of you who haven’t already heard, District Heating & Cooling has become one of the greenest solutions to distribute heat, hot water and cooling. The technology has been around quite some time now, dating back to the 80s, but it is becoming celebrated more and more, with facts and figures showing the green …

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Oct 27

How to Choose an Air Conditioner That’s Eco-Friendly

If you are like many people, you are probably concerned about your carbon footprint and annoyed by skyrocketing power bills. Air conditioning in general is often implicated as being inefficient and power hungry, but numerous options are available that dramatically reduce the environmental impact. As each person’s home, budget, and cooling needs are different, there …

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Feb 03

Infographic: How to Stop Energy from Sneaking Out Your Windows

Your home’s windows are essential components of your home. Not only do they make your home look beautiful from the outside, but also, they afford you a view from the inside that makes home ownership worth the investment. However, if you don’t have energy efficient windows, that investment is something that’s going to increase in …

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Aug 28

Renewable Energy at the Residential Level

When we use the term “renewable energy,” we typically visualize grand structures that supply power to the masses. However, we often forget the power of the individual. It’s easy to plug a new home into the grid without much thought of doing something good for the environment, or your wallet for that matter. And, it’s …

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Jul 24

Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling For Your Home

People are becoming more environmentally conscious than ever before. Gone are the days of being careless, wasteful and harmful to the environment. Now, more and more people are looking for ways to save money and go green. This is why so many homeowners are considering energy efficient Heating and Cooling systems for their homes. There …

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Jul 10

Are Environmentally Friendly Cooling Options Available For My AC Unit?

These days, more and more people are looking into getting eco-friendly air conditioner units to install in their homes, and desire alternative ways to use less energy and reduce their greenhouse gas contribution. The AC unit is one appliance that uses the most energy. Because of this, it is important that you find an effective, …

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May 30

Best Practices For Going Green With Your Heating And Cooling

going green with your heating and cooling

Now is the time to go green. If you were ever wondering if it was worth your time, money, and thought, then you should know that the answer is simple. Yes. Yes, you should be adjusting your life to go green in as many ways as possible. The levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere …

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May 28

Infographic: Energy Star Certified Homes are Green out of the Box

Everyone knows that Energy Star products use less energy than those that don’t carry the label. While they may cost a little more they will reduce energy usage bringing savings on future bills. However, most people do not know that new homes can also be granted an Energy Star label. To qualify, homes must demonstrate …

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Apr 24

Ideas for a Sustainable Home

Energy efficiency and sustainability is the way of the future, and aside from such important things like investing in renewable energy and choosing a responsible energy retailer, there are many interesting DIY ideas to consider. Some of these ideas are quick and easy, some are quirky and interesting, and some are really out there. Read …

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Jan 24

Going to the Bathroom to Go Green

  With eco-friendly homes growing in popularity, there is often one room that gets overlooked; the bathroom. Although the kitchen uses the most electricity, the bathroom also needs to be considered to make your home green and eco-friendly. We offer some green tips for your bathroom to keep your home green and environmentally friendly. If …

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