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Jun 20

How to Achieve Natural Sleep

How do you define natural sleep? Do you imagine yourself lying in a field of grass under the starry night? It cannot get more natural than that! But for us human beings that cannot physically manage to sleep at the nearest hilltop every day and rush to the office then we are left with our …

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Dec 14

Go Green: Sustainable Materials for Eco-Friendly Clothes

In a world where people are rapidly being engulfed by consumerist ideals, the need for a socially conscious and sustainable lifestyle is increasing, if only to keep the human race from obliterating the entire planet. Pollution and wastage exacerbate the degradation of the environment. Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles (SMART) says that, in the United …

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Mar 14

Support Project Piola on Kickstarter

Project Piola is an opportunity to set up the first development project to create elegant footwear in 33 days for 33 rubber producers. Project Piola started from scratch through a random encounter in the Amazon Rainforest. After a long ride thinking about product, design, supply chain and partnerships in particular with a UN Organization we …

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Feb 20

Can Lingerie Be “Green”?

As the green initiative continues to gain traction, many people are wondering if fashionable clothes, like lingerie, can be made through green methods. This sentiment is understandable, because most organic and green clothes look closer to potato sacks than something sexy and spicy. However, as designers continue to embrace these materials, the designs have gotten …

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