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Jul 22

9 Fun Activities To Pull Your Kids Away From The TV (And Make Or Save Some Money While Doing So)

It’s a typical first world, 21st century problem.  Gone are the days of running around outside playing catch, and here are the days when our children’s eyeballs are constantly glued to the TV screen.  While operating costs of TV’s may not be high (usually no more than $5/month) there are some great ways to get …

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Feb 05

5 Unusual Uses For Paper Bags

Saving money is becoming an important part of many households and paper bags are showing their number of uses to help many homes look after the pennies. We have created a list of 5 unusual uses for paper bags that you would never have thought of before: 1. Ripening fruit If you are planning to use …

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Dec 12

Product Review: Glu6 Glue and Paste Made From Recycled Styrofoam

Many of us like to do projects or crafts that require glue or paste, but either it doesn’t work very well or the product is toxic and isn’t great to have around children. Now, I had heard companies were beginning to find ways to recycle styrofoam, but I’d never used any of these products. That …

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Oct 23

Recycling & Upcycling Used Home Pieces

Upcycling is a popular home trend that takes recycling a step further and transforms common used household items and gives them a whole new function and purpose. From arts and crafts projects to custom-made furniture and home accents, there are many items that can be upcycled and turned into beautiful additions for your home. Below …

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Aug 28

Eco-Friendly Crafts Activities for Kids

There are all kinds of ways to keep kids occupied during the last lazy days of summer, but many parents like to involve their kids in craft activities as a way to keep their hands and minds active. Of course, this can involve a lot of wasted paper and manufactured products like markers, glitter, and …

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Apr 02

5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Make Extra Money

With the global economy still limping along at a snail’s pace, it’s not uncommon to find people looking for ways to earn a little extra cash. Some will take on second jobs, others will sell stocks or pawn their valuables, and an errant few will attempt to increase their earnings by betting on horse races …

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Nov 14

Reuse, Repurpose: Practical Plastic Bag Recycling Ideas

When we hear the word ‘recycle’, we tend to think about the huge picture: collecting and sorting discarded plastics and other materials and depositing them at the curb to be picked up by recycling facilities so these can be used to create new products. While this is a process we’re not directly part of, recycling …

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Sep 28

HOW TO: Save on Your Kids’ School by Going Green and Sustainable

paper bag head

“Reduce, reuse, recycle” is the motto of the Environmental Protection Agency, and an easy way to remind everyone to protect our air, water, and natural resources. Back-to-school time provides many opportunities to do all three. There are many ways to reduce, including using recyclable materials and materials that have natural or biodegradable ingredients. Biodegradable and …

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