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Sep 01

How Virtual Data Rooms Help the Environment

Any type of data room is any type of secure location where various types of important, and most often private, documents are kept. A traditional room is a physical location where hard copies of documents relevant to a corporation are kept. These rooms are usually monitored continuously to ensure the safety and securement of each …

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Mar 21

How to Create a Mobile Phone Recycling Culture Successfully

The use of electronic gadgets and particularly mobile phones has increased rapidly over the last decade thus augmenting the problem of pollution. Environmentalists are of the opinion that if we can’t curtail consumption, our planet will be devastated with the massive amounts of e-waste generated every day. However, reducing excessive use of cellphones is not …

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Apr 13

6 Things You Can Do Improve Your Chances of Getting Funding for Your Green Project

When embarking on a green project, the first thing to do to make it a success is to get adequate financing. It is not always possible to fund a project from your own money especially if the scale of the project is big hence sometimes you have to rely on investors or loans. Since the …

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