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Dec 22

Let’s Go Green with These Easy & Simple Wall Decorating Ideas

  In the last few years, phrases such as “Eco-Friendly” “Earth Friendly” & “Go Green” have become buzzwords. The motive behind these sayings was to inform people about losing the natural environment of the earth due to toxic additives, pollution, and materials that are not recyclable. Since then, the push to go green has inspired …

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Nov 05

Are You Ready for the Holidays? 5 Must-Have Decorating Items

Decorating for the holidays is one of the most loved traditions of the season. People start digging boxes out of the attic as soon as Halloween ends, dusting off old figurines, making sure light bulbs work, and taking stock of the decorations that they have and what they still need. If you’ve been waiting for …

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Jul 07

Eco-Friendly Decorating On a Budget

For a lot of people, decorating is a creative outlet, but when it comes to realizing a vision we have for our homes, our budget can often stand in the way of our dream designs. Unfortunately, many homeowners mistakenly believe that green decorating is too expensive, or that it will limit their style. This just …

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