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Oct 12

Green Halloween House Decoration Ideas

Technical progress is increasing every day. People buy new gadgets, equip their houses with modern technologies and travel by cars. But in the chaos of everyday routine, we forget about nature. Nature gave birth to every single organism on the planet, but now it’s being neglected. Though, there are still people who care about environment …

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Nov 19

Green Thanksgiving: Let’s Give Back the Planet Its Original Color

It is that time of the year again. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and there is plenty to do in anticipation of this wonderful holiday. It won’t be long before Halloween and then before you know it, Christmas is upon us! But unfortunately there is a down side to all this celebrating. Did you …

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Mar 05

How to Have a Really Green St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is the day when the beloved patron saint of Ireland is celebrated. It is usually recognized on March 17 and is celebrated throughout the world by those of Irish descent and increasingly those who are non-Irish.  The day’s theme is anything and everything that has to do with Ireland, specifically the color green. …

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Feb 22

How to Decorate a Small Space to Make It Feel Bigger

You may have just moved to the big city and you want to live in the best part of town. You may have to sacrifice the three bedroom house for location, but it’s still possible to create a comfortable and breathable living space. The key to making a small space feel bigger is no mystery. …

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Feb 11

5 Ways to Greenify Your Wedding Reception

Sometimes, what makes us fall in love with someone is that we share the same passions as they do. If you are in the midst of planning your wedding and your beloved is just as committed to being eco-friendly and energy efficient as you are, then the two of you may be trying to find …

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Nov 19

Green Christmas Decorations

This Christmas, instead of buying new decorations that could have long-term consequences for the planet, invest in environmentally safe holiday decor. In keeping with the green Christmas spirit, there’s enjoyable and simple do-it-yourself projects that are free of carbon foot prints. Before heading to the store, look around the house for last year’s gift wrap, …

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Nov 15

Save Money With Eco Friendly Decorations for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and all across America planning is in full swing. If you’re hosting the celebration for the first time or the twentieth it is still an exciting venture. You’ve got your family and friends coming together to enjoy conversation over some of your favorite foods of the year. So really, what …

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Jul 16

Ideas for Decorating With Candles

When people hear of house décor, they often think of furniture arrangement, tapestry and wall decorating. There is a particular form of decoration that often goes unnoticed – decorating with candles. How do candles add to the interior décor? Candles are an affordable form of lighting that can be used for aesthetic functions as well. …

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Dec 22

Eco Friendly Holiday Party Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means it’s the most wonderful time to throw a holiday party to celebrate! You can emphasize the green in your holly and ivy theme by planning to make your get together extra eco-friendly. Here are a few tips to get you started: Invites. When sending out …

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Nov 22

Go Green for Christmas

Christmas is a major time of consumption and energy use, so thinking about going green can really have a big impact. It can also be a great way to work together with family and friends – and you may even save money too! A green feast The best thing you can do here is go …

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Nov 21

Five Green Ways to Decorate Your Home

green house

Need ideas on how to “greenify” your home? Not only are the options below good for the earth, they are good for you, as well, since many non-green items contain chemicals that could cause health problems down the road. Listed below are five green ways to decorate your home. Low or No VOC paint: What …

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