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Jan 21

Trinity School of Natural Health: Educators of Everything Natural

Natural treatment methods have been applied in multiple human societies throughout history. The benefits of living a natural lifestyle are immense, even in this so-called modern age. It’s no surprise that most health professional emphasize on natural balance for achieving and maintaining good health. If you are interested to learn more about natural health practices …

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Jan 13

5 Eco-Friendly College Campus Initiatives in 2014

Something that more people are becoming passionate about is being eco-friendly and it’s for a myriad of reasons. Not only is “being green” great for helping to preserve the environment but it’s also financially savvy and innovative too. So, it’s no wonder that there are more and more colleges that are becoming a huge part …

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Jul 31

Five Environmentally Friendly Degrees

In order to make a lasting change that affects the condition of our planet, it will take the help of all its citizens. Some may choose to start small by recycling or using a car that is more energy efficient. However, others may be so passionate about improving the condition of our planet they wish …

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Aug 17

Environment Lover? Turn to Environmental Studies


Ozone layer depletion, global warming, ocean depopulation, deforestation are just a few of the environmental problems being faced by countries worldwide today. Increasing environmental challenges will take not just a long time but also a huge effort from mankind. While we have a number of passionate individuals working towards solving these problems, there is a …

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