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Apr 27

Avoiding Recalls is Beneficial to the Environment

Packaging is everywhere, from the food we consume to the household products and equipment that we buy on a daily basis. Every single packaging, by law, needs to contain important information such as: name of product and the manufacturer, methods on how to store and use the product, warnings and so forth. Now, what happens …

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Apr 03

Best Ways to Recycle Your Old Technology

Recycling your old tech is crucial in this day and age. If your old computer parts end up in a landfill site, the ‘heavy metals’ that the components are constructed from are toxic and contain carcinogenic chemicals which are harmless when you’re using them, but dangerous in a landfill. Depending on where you live, there …

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May 17

Go Green With Your Computer Monitor

As far as your computer is concerned, it isn’t the largest energy hog in your house. It is a medium power drain overall using an average of 400 kilowatt-hours a year. As far as costs go, that’s only $35 on your yearly bill. However, when looked at as carbon-dioxide emissions it is equal to 530 …

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