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Jun 20

5 Reasons Why Wooden Toys Are Better for Everyone

Whether it’s your child’s birthday coming up or you want to get a jumpstart on next holiday’s shopping, you may be browsing for the best toys to give your child. Your immediate impulse may be to buy the cheap toy that’s being advertised everywhere. The decision to purchase this toy over others, in particular, a …

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Jun 20

Value of Mobile Phone Recycling

Nowadays, there are several types of latest mobile phones available along with unique features which are user-friendly and beneficial. Due to the increasing demand for mobile phones, mobile phone companies are increasing their production and are also updating some new features on their handsets. With the rapid up gradation in technology, the electronic instruments are …

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Apr 04

Electronic Waste Disposal – Why You Need to Be Careful

Waste disposal is an alarming concern around the world due to population increase and revolution in every professional industry. The carbon footprint needs to be controlled to prevent severe consequences to the environment, which directly affects the society. We need to consider the nature as one of our own and take care of it more …

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Jan 23

E-Waste Rules and Regulations by State

As technology continues to surge every year, so too does the amount of electronic waste that accompanies it. In 2009, “end of life” TVs, computers and their peripherals (printers, ink cartridges, scanners, fax machines, etc.) mice, keyboards, and cell phones totaled and astonishing 2.37 million short tons. That’s a lot of added waste that, just …

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Aug 23

4 Ways In Which E-Waste Recycling Could Benefit All Of Us

E-waste is a massive problem both in the US and around the world. Every year, the United States disposes of 4million tons just in landfill, and this doesn’t include the amounts which are transferred abroad as a cheaper alternative by many companies looking to avoid the costs of disposal. In fact in India, they have …

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Jun 22

WEEE Recycling Is a Smart Way to Go Green

WEEE recycling

A post by guest blogger Thomas O’Rourke. “Going green” is a powerful way to support the WEEE recycling initiatives of 2005 and the Directive of 2007. While government policy has tried to address the serious problem of e-waste management in the UK, unfortunately, much more needs to be done to successfully contain the 1–2 million …

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Jun 14

Responsible Disposal of Electronics – Five Techniques

Our technology is becoming obsolete. Every day, yesterday’s hot new gadget becomes today’s old fashioned trinket with its features one-upped by the latest piece of tech on the market. It’s true for personal computers, e-readers, MP3 players, video game consoles and just about any other piece of hardware you can imagine. Planned obsolescence is how …

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Apr 13

E-cycling: Recycling Electronics Including Phones, Computers, TVs and CDs


E-cycling is simply the recycling electronics. Americans produced around 2.5 million tons of electronic waste in 2007. Electronics contain lead, mercury and cadmium. These toxins can leak into water systems as well into animal habitats. Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist and authority on waste management at the Natural Resources Defense Council explained “The problem with e-waste …

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